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Must be enrolled in high school Grades 9-12 for the 2024-25 school year

The Application process for 2024 is now open. Sousaphone, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Trumpets, Mellophone, Colorguard, Dancer and Banner Carriers positions are now closed. We are not accepting applications for these sections. If you still submit an application, it will not be processed and the $30 fee is non-refundable.

Selections will be based on written application (online) and submitted auditions via You Tube. We have rolling auditions deadlines, February 15 (this is also for returning members that are eligible from the 2023 MGAMB), March 30, April 30, May 30, June 30, July 30, August 30, and September 30. Slots by state and position are limited and can fill quickly. Apply early for the best chance of selection as openings by state and or instrument/position can close at anytime. Once each deadline has passed, auditions will be reviewed and applicants will be notified via email if they are accepted or not accepted. This process usually takes several weeks for the winds and longer for flags, percussion, and dancers. Please make sure that we have accurate email addresses on your application.

New applicants will use the NEW Applicants Online Registration Link under Applications. All NEW applicants will need to submit a video audition and upload to You Tube. Videos will need to stay up on You Tube until the conclusion of the parade. On the Registration Form there is a text box to enter the link to your audition. If password protected, you will need to provide that to us as well. If you are not selected, the audition may be removed at anytime. Please be sure to identify yourself on your video by clearly stating your name, grade level, and school.

Returning eligible members, except percussion, may submit an optional video link for part assignments otherwise part assignment decisions will be made on the previous audition. If you are a returning wind player, flag or dancer, and will not be submitting a new video, please put in the "Please provide the link to your audition posted on YouTube:" text box as this is a required field.

All NEW applicants MUST submit a video audition with the following requirements:

Woodwind & Brass Instruments:

Woodwind and brass instrument players should submit a prepared solo(s) or etude(s) (minimum of 3 minutes, maximum of 5 minutes). Mellophone Players must audition on the Mellophone and not French Horn. Flute players, if you play and own or have access to a piccolo, please audition on piccolo. You will be judged on technical proficiency, tone quality, and overall general musicianship. It is recommended that a Grade III-V level etude or solo be used as audition material.  You may or may not use an accompanist. That is your choice. Please select a solo that shows your technical skills as well as your range on the instrument. PLEASE NOTE: If you are playing an unaccompanied solo and you have lengthy rest, just pause a measure and continue playing. There is no need to count all of the rest.

In addition to the etude, marching fundamentals are also required. Please demonstrate the following marching skills: Horns Up, Horns Down, and Marking Time. You will use a box drill (8 steps per maneuver at 8 to 5 step size) to demonstrate Slides to the Left and to the Right as well as Forward and Backwards marching. Please play a scale while marching the box drill. The drill should be in the 135-140 bpm tempo range and please play one note per step. We will look for nice horn angles, body carriage, roll step with toes up, on toes in backwards march, tone quality while marching, etc.


Please video record the primary instrument you are auditioning for, making sure that your hands/sticks and feet are in clear, visible sight of the camera. All New Applicants AND Returning Applicants will need to submit a video audition.

If you are interested in a secondary instrument if not selected on your primary, please indicate you second choice on your application. Should you not receive your first or second choice assignment and DO NOT want to be placed on any other instrument as a third choice, You MUST mark on your application: Not interested in in any other instrument. ALL AUDITIONS MUST BE ON THE INSTRUMENT AND NOT ON A PAD.

The drumline will consist of snares, quads (quints), basses, and cymbals. While members are accepted throughout the year to the drumline, instrument assignments are not made until the fall when the entire line has been selected and videos are reviewed again. Please note that due to the quality of all selected candidates some students may be assigned an instrument that is not their first or second choice. Final Instrument Assignments Are Final! For instance, you may mark snare or quad but be assigned bass or cymbals even though it was not your first or second choice. By submitting an audition you agree that you understand our placement policy.


  1. The following rudiments, slow-fast-slow: single stroke roll, double stroke roll, single paradiddles, flam drags.
  2. A rudimental snare solo of your choice (maximum 2 minutes). At least a portion of the solo must be performed marking time.

Quads (Quints)

  1. The following rudiments on the #2 drum, slow-fast-slow: single stroke roll, double stroke roll, single paradiddles, flam drags
  2. A solo of your choice, demonstrating your ability to play around the drums (maximum 2 minutes).  At least a portion of the solo must be performed marking time.

Bass (performed on a bass drum)

  1. The following rudiments, slow-fast-slow: single stroke roll, double stroke roll
  2. A solo of your choice, demonstrating your ability to play with good tempo and rhythm. At least a portion of the solo must be performed marking time.


  1. Basic crash technique, and any other sounds/techniques that you are familiar with.
  2. Any type of exercise that shows your ability to play while marking time.

** Optional for everyone - Feel free to include video excerpts of you performing with your high school drumline, drum corps, WGI drumline, etc.

Auxiliary: Flags & Dancers

Video Audition must be posted to You Tube. 

FLAG video should demonstrate 1) basic spins and slow slams (change of direction and use of both hands) as well as 2) flag work routine such as your marching band or winter guard flag work and 3) foot movement (including glide step marching movement). Equipment portion minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 minutes.

DANCERS video should include Jazz and Pom Dance of four (4) eight counts each showcasing your technique and performance ability. Be sure to include leg extensions, double pirouette, jumps and leaps and any other additional skills. We are looking for technical dancers that present a strong high energy presence for the parade!

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