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As a pioneer of student music competitions, we begin our thirty-seventh year in 2023 as one of the nation's finest and most respected festival and travel programs. Our full time festival/tour directors, backed by regional coordinators for our Music Showcase Festivals program, work with more than six hundred schools a year to provide the opportunity to travel, to meet other students, and to be adjudicated by some of the finest educators.

In 1996, we introduced our successful Cheer & Dance/Drill Team America program with the belief that every squad deserves the chance to showcase their skills in a national or Regional setting - without having to move up through local and state qualifying rounds. 

There is simply nothing more important to us than your satisfaction. And the only way to ensure your satisfaction is to consistently deliver the highest level of quality and personal service possible.

We do not feel we are the best simply because we have one of the largest festival programs... we believe we became one of the largest by being one of the best. Experience the difference! Please join us for one of our many programs that we have to offer you and your students.

Dennis Rhoads, President

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