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When you fill out and get to the bottom of the application, the next link you click will take you to the payment screen so you can use your credit card to pay your $30.00 registration fee. Once you enter your credit card payment your application will be submitted. PLEASE NOTE: Your Pay-Pal receipt will be from our parent company Universal Tours and Excursions.

For all winds and percussion players - All White Marching Band Shoes (with white soles) must be provided by the participant - You are free to bring your own all white marching shoes if your school band uses them. If not, you will need to purchase them. Here is a site where you can order from or see what type we are looking for if you wish to research and see if you can find them cheaper.  (Remember - shoes must be all white with white soles)

REQUIREMENT FOR ALL WIND PLAYERS - You will need to also provide white gloves. Woodwind players that play with finger tips cut, you may have that with the gloves you bring.

For GUARD, DANCERS and BANNER CARRIERS - You will need to provide your own shoes matching your skin tone." You are free to use your own if you have them. If not, here is a link to order them or at least see the type we are requiring if you wish to research and see if you can find them cheaper.

If you are assigned to play in the cymbal line, you must bring a pair of BLACK, fingerless, weightlifting gloves.

Auditions for the 2024 MGAMB are now open.

Sousaphone, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Mellophone, Colorguard, Dancer and Banner Carriers positions are now closed. We are not accepting applications for these sections. If you still submit an application, it will not be processed and the $30 fee is non-refundable.


2024 NEW Applicants Online Application (Applications for 2024 will start being accepted on January 15, 2024)


2024 Returning MGAMB Members Online Application (Returning high school members who are eligible to return if you are not graduating in 2024. You are automatically accepted to the 2024 MGAMB with a new application. Applications must be received by February 15, 2024. Percussion, you must submit a new audition video for instrument placement)

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