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Ensembles, Partners, and Solo performances are optional and do not count toward the three event eligibility for the Dance/Drill Team Grand Sweepstakes trophies. Cheerleading Squads may participate in the Partners, Solos and Ensembles category as well; however, the scores do not count toward the awarding of any team trophies.  Registration fees are:  Soloist - $40; Partners - $50; Ensembles - $55.  Teams are limited to 3 soloist, two partner routines, and two ensembles (large or small).  More may be taken if the schedule allows.

Soloist and partners (average age) are divided into age groups in the following classifications and categories:

High School, Junior High/Middle School, All-Star/Studio and Recreational League.

SR - Ages 17 and older

JR - Ages 13 - 16

EL - Ages 6 - 12

PW - Ages 5 and under

* Please register solos according to age at the date of the competition *

Time Limits

The performance time limits for Ensembles, Partners, and Solos, is a minimum of 1 1/2 minutes to a maximum of 2 1/2 minutes in length. The timing of performance begins with the beginning of the music, chant or cheer, and concludes with the stopping of the music or the obvious ending to the routine. The above times do not include entering, set-up, and exit from the competition area. However, all entrants must exit the floor in the allotted time given by the performance schedule.


A panel of two outstanding judges will judge the Solos, Partners, and Ensemble competitions. All scores will be totaled, then divided by the number of judges to determine the final score for each performance.


1st through 5th place trophies will be presented in the Small Ensembles, Large Ensembles, Partners, Pee Wee, Elementary, Junior, and Senior Divisions in the Solo Classification.  More placements may be given at the discretion of the Competition Coordinator.


In addition to the trophies, each performing organization will receive a division rating. This rating is based on a national scale and will be determined as follows:

  • 85-100 points: Superior
  • 70-84.9 points: Excellent
  • 69.9 - below points: Good


To register your soloist or partners, please email your student's names along with their age on the day of the competition to To register Small or Large Ensembles, please email the students names only. Remember, ensembles are meant to be pull out groups from the team. Small Ensemble is 3-6 members and Large Ensemble is 7-12 members. This category is not to be used for an additional team event.

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