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Performance Categories

A dance style that includes a combination of rhythmic, creative body movements which interpret and emphasize a musical selection.
Any style of performance that includes a different kind of routine or a variety of routines that would be considered a novelty.
Any performance that includes step with military precision within the routine.
Any style of performance that emphasizes sharp, concise movements, formation changes, patterns, and military presentation.
A dance style that incorporates smooth, fluid, technical body movements which emphasize and interpret a musical selection.
Hip Hop
Routines emphasize the latest street-style? movements and the execution, rhythm, style, creativity and control of these movements.
High Kick
Any style of performance that includes a variety of kicks choreographed into 75% of the routine.
Pom Pon
Any performance that utilizes pom pons in at least 75% of the routine.
Routines that are interpretive and are not standard Ballet or Straight Jazz
Any style of performance that incorporates the use of a visual aid as the object of focus for at least 75% of the routine.
Any performance that utilizes flags in at least 75% of the routine.
Any performance that uses any style not listed above or uses combinations of styles listed above

Officer Line Classifications

Officer Line competition is optional and does not qualify as a performing group for the Grand Sweepstakes Award. An Officer Line may be any size and may perform any type of routine.

Time Limits

The performance time limits for Dance/Drill Teams is a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 3 1/2 minutes in length. The timing of the performance begins and ends with the music. The above times do not include entering, set-up, and exit from the floor.

General Rules


A unit may enter the competition area over any line. After the start of judging, the front sideline is inviolate at all times except during set-up and tear down. Boundary line violations (including first aid case) do not constitute permanently leaving the floor.

Any equipment and/or props may be placed in the competition area by anyone prior to the start of the performance.

The unit will line up at the ready line to be designated by the Contest Director. From this point, the unit should move directly and immediately to the competition area. They may set-up anywhere in the competition area. This set-up is not judged. When the group is in position, the following steps will occur:

  1. Announcer will ask if the judges are ready.
  2. Announcer will ask if the unit is ready.
  3. Captain(s) renders an acknowledgement when the unit is ready.
  4. The announcer will announce that the unit may enter the floor in competition or begin their performance with another introduction.

Timing will begin at the start of the music.


Exit may be over any line except the front sideline.


Music must be edited for content and will not contain vulgar language or "suggestive" content. The judges will determine if a performance will be disqualified if this is present in the music. In addition, choreography should not contain "suggestive moves." Once again, the judges will have the right to determine if a dance with "suggestive" choreography will be disqualified. Please keep in mind, families and younger children attend and participate in this event. Therefore, this will not be tolerated.


The elements to be judged are as follows:

  • Motion Technique: (10 Points) Strength of motions, arms, angles, wrists, fists, and blades
  • Dance Technique or Commands & Maneuvers: (10 Points) Body extension, posture, placement of arms, legs,
    and feet, closing steps and timing.
  • Team Precision: (10 Points) Uniformity of team, team execution of fundamentals, timing, and rhythm.
  • Projection: (10 Points) Facial expressions, spirit, showmanship, confidence, and presence.
  • Style: (10 Points) Technique, uniformity of style.
  • Choreography and Variety: (15 Points) Creativity, appropriateness of music, flow of routine, ground work, kicks and jumps, appeal.
  • Difficulty: (10 Points) Degree of difficulty, suitability to ensemble.
  • Overall Performance: (15 Points) Overall execution, crowd appeal, lack of errors, memory.
More rules and regulations are listed in the Coaches/Director's Guide that will be emailed to you upon receipt of your application.

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